Your guide to navigating the U.S. housing market with confidence.

Driving informed decision-making with national housing market intelligence, Watson® media sentiment scoring, and forecasts in one comprehensive, monthly housing research and analysis report.

Report Components

Housing Tides Index
Housing Tides Index

Housing Tides Index™

The Index is an objective and sophisticated approach to quantifying and comparing the health of U.S. housing markets. View the Housing Tides Index™


Permit Forecasts

Monthly, high-resolution single and multi-family housing permit forecasts built with economic indicators for the top 41 U.S. markets. Learn more about our market analysis.


Forecaster Report Card

The forecaster report card tracks forecasters and the predictions they make about the housing market, grading for accuracy once the horizons are met. Preview the Forecaster Report Card.


Media Analysis

Using cognitive computing powered by IBM Watson®, Tides analyzes and interprets the sentiment from over 500 U.S. housing news articles/month. Learn more about cognitive computing.

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