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We love big data and we love big problems.

We work in housing and home building and we were completely frustrated by contradictory, inaccurate and generally not helpful information. We wanted to tap into the power of both big data and machine learning to build a system that could absorb and analyze everything out there. So we built Housing Tides, the most comprehensive and first product to use the power of IBM Watson and other tools to understand the housing market. It tells us what we think will happen, what others think will happen, how right they’ve been in the past and sets an index for the health of housing in the top 41 markets in the US.

Housing Tides is a division of EnergyLogic Inc.

Steve Byers CEO

Steve Byers
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Will Lorey COO

Will Lorey
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Jonathan Scott Statistical Analyst

Jonathan Scott
Head Analyst
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Dan Allen Research Assistant

Dan Allen
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Hannah Finch Creative Strategist

Hannah Finch
Creative Strategist
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Jala Curtis Marketing Director

Jala Curtis
Marketing Director
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Sanaya Robles Account Rep

Sanaya Robles
Account Rep 
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Created by the Research & Development Division at EnergyLogic, Inc.

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Berthoud, Colorado-based EnergyLogic is a software and building consulting company that has provided expert resources, education and support to new home builders and energy raters involved in the construction of high-performance homes since 2006. The company also serves as a resource to other organizations that are influential in creating energy efficient housing across America.

EnergyLogic has deep expertise in and insight into housing – working in both new and existing homes and with a wide variety of stakeholders across all housing market sectors. As a data-driven company, EnergyLogic has a history of innovating technology for its own business needs and then offering it to the larger community. The company built the system that analyzes all residential energy ratings in the country, and the system that detects fraud in energy ratings – and now it is building the only system that provides a comprehensive measure and understanding of the health of the U.S. housing and home building industry.


Our vision is a future in which all homes have the least possible impact on the Earth.

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