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Application MinisArtboard 27 copy 11Accurately estimating future demand for products is imperative for building product manufacturer profitability. The Housing Tides Report is broadly applicable for manufacturers and distributors of building materials such as gypsum board (drywall), oriented strand board (OSB), framing lumber, concrete, roofing materials, and mechanical equipment such as furnaces, water heaters and air conditioners.

The Housing Tides permit forecasts give decision-makers three-months-ahead predictions with monthly resolution that are specific to single-family and multi-family development. We forecast housing permits, which allows for extra planning time as permits lead starts, and we provide transparent measures of past accuracy that empower confident decisions. After assessing your market share, you should look at local permit forecasts in conjunction with each MSA’s Housing Tides Index to gauge short- and medium-run demand; these insights support appropriate inventory allocation and supply chain management. For example, an insulation manufacturer can better estimate demand for different types of insulation by studying permit forecasts in their target markets across different climate zones.

The full complement of economic indicators that make up the Housing Tides Index offers a comprehensive understanding of the current housing market outlook. Components include measures of home prices and affordability, household and employment growth, housing inventory, and consumer and homebuilder confidence, all factors which critically affect your business success. The advantage gained from this timely and accessible information shouldn’t be underestimated.

Perception of the state of housing markets is an important factor for individuals making home buying and remodeling decisions. News outlets and consumers reinforce existing perspectives and opinions on the housing and homebuilding industry. A comprehensive view of market health that goes beyond fundamentals is incomplete without review of the consensus sentiment in housing media. Additionally, the Tides team identifies and grades forecasts offered by industry professionals, giving you a clear view of who’s “got it right” when it comes to housing predictions.

Getting the right materials to the right place is an important step towards success. Make better and more confident decisions today with a subscription to Housing Tides.

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