Residential Real Estate Portfolio Management (REITs)

Housing Tides for residential portfolio managersResidential Real Estate portfolio management is a complex symphony of asset allocation, asset selection and execution. In order to beat the market, managers need to have a comprehensive understanding of market fundamentals, be it on a local or regional level. Housing Tides provides residential portfolio managers with a set of research tools that are unique in the market.

Professionals managing REIT portfolios are experts in real estate fundamentals. Housing Tides takes an unbiased, data-driven approach to market intelligence. Finding, collecting and cleaning data for each market is burdensome, but with the Housing Tides Index you can quickly see the economic indicators that are relevant when evaluating markets and investments.

Market-specific aspects of the Housing Tides Index provide information about things such as local employment, housing supply, and mortgage characteristics; key factors in assessing fundamentals, market comparisons and trend information.

Comparing the Top 41 MSAs

The Housing Tides Index provides market comparison, market health and overview information, the associated indicators provide a depth of detailed information in one neat package. The direction of construction – both single-family and multi-family – are additional key areas for a complete understanding of market dynamics. See markets we cover.

Forecasting SF & MF Construction Permits

Tides housing market forecasts provide our best estimate of future construction permits in each metro area given current fundamentals.

Tracking Public Perception via Media Sentiment

The Tides Media Analysis provides you with extra voices and perspectives to draw from when making decisions. You should view results from sentiment analysis with the Housing Tides Index in mind to identify the sources and authors whose sentiment is appropriate for current market conditions.

Media treatment of the housing industry and analysts’ coverage of the outlook for homebuilders surely influence public perception. Economic outcomes are the aggregation of the decisions of individuals with limited knowledge obtained through major media channels, so you shouldn’t underestimate the effects that media coverage has on housing markets and construction activity.

Along with overall context and depth of media analysis, Tides Media Analysis is an excellent cross-check on your internal biases. We all carry with us biases that we are aware of to varying degrees. Tides provides you with a means of checking both media bias along with your own.

As a prudent manager, you always review business fundamentals to evaluate the positions your fund holds. Similarly, you should consider the underlying industry fundamentals reported in the Housing Tides Index and permit forecasts as well as public perception measured by media sentiment.

Highlighting Accurate Industry Experts

We recognize that the flow of housing news is overwhelming. The Forecaster Report Card should help you focus on the industry experts who make reliable, accurate forecasts and give less weight to the projections made by those who don’t. Bottom line: don’t believe everything you read, and when encountering a prediction offered in the media, it might be fruitful to check the forecaster’s track record.

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