Single-Family & Multi-Family Homebuilding

Application MinisArtboard 27 copy 7To be a successful homebuilder, you must closely monitor the economic climate in the markets where you build to gauge current and future demand for your product.  You must also carefully consider the pros and cons of expanding to new markets and, conversely, recognize when a market is over-supplied.

Insights gleaned from the can help homebuilders seize opportunities for growth and accurately mitigate the risks associated with over-building.  Homebuilder executives can discern how closely the pace of construction in a metro matches employment growth, gauge affordability to estimate buyer willingness to pay and target specific market segments, and compare the relative merits of single- and multi-family development with measures of housing inventory and vacancy rates.  Tracking the construction unemployment rate and construction costs helps homebuilders predict future labor and material costs, and builders that offer mortgage financing can see characteristics of loans closed in their markets to better assess risk.

Homebuilders might also benefit from the Tides permit forecasts.  We gather and track housing permit data from the U.S. Census Bureau for all major markets, so you don’t have to.  Historical data and predictions of future construction are presented in an accessible format, enabling an analysis of market share and likely competitor activity in coming months.  While Tides is a uniquely comprehensive housing research offering, many of our users choose to use Tides as a complementary asset in their decision-making processes.

The media analysis component of the report is valuable to homebuilders in several ways.  Housing demand is reflected in, and driven by, public perception of housing markets and the attractiveness of housing as an investment.  Outside of fundamentals, media praise or criticism of housing can affect buyer traffic.  Publicly traded builders should track news sentiment as it affects prices for company equity.  Homebuilders can also take advantage of Tides news aggregation to discover articles with actionable information about their market(s).  As such, Tides Media Analysis is a final valuable tool for homebuilders to review in conjunction with the Housing Tides Index and construction forecasts when searching for a comprehensive view of their business environment.

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