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The Housing Tides blog provides thoughtful commentary and analysis of the U.S. housing market. Using big data analytics, we’ve leveraged the power of natural language processing to clarify the nuances and fluctuations of market health across the top 41 US housing metros.

We often reference a Warren Buffet quote, “It’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who’s been swimming naked.”, and in this context, one that follows a similar suit, “Writing is a socially acceptable form of getting naked in public,” a quote from Paulo Coelho.

This is the purpose behind our blog.

Really, we don’t necessarily mean to strum up the concept of being naked, but we do want to occasionally make you laugh or ponder the greater meaning of things. It’s our hope that our commentary will help broaden your perspectives, challenge the status quo, and maybe sum all the ebbs and flows of the housing market.

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Blog Authors

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    Steve Byers

    CEO of Housing Tides and EnergyLogic.

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    Jonathan Scott

    Head Analyst for Housing Tides.

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    Dan Allen

    Analyst for Housing Tides.