Deep Dive – Trending Topics in January’s Housing News

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Housing Tides Deep Dive January 2018

Each month, we use IBM Watson’s tools to assess the sentiment of hundreds of housing news articles about the US housing market. Here are our observations on the top housing media trends in January 2018: Housing news continues to be dominated by conversations discussing potential outcomes and effects related to the recent federal tax legislation.  HousingWire cited a report by … Read More

2017 Media Sentiment – Mining the U.S. Housing Market with Tech Tools

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Each month Housing Tides™ leverages IBM Watson® Natural Language Understanding tools to measure the sentiment of over 500 news articles covering the housing and homebuilding sector from over 90 major news sources to “check the pulse” of the industry.  We believe that by quantifying the positivity or negativity of news coverage, housing professionals can gain an understanding of the consensus … Read More

Home Builder Labor Efficiency – Why Less is More

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Home Builder Labor Efficiency - Why Less is More_Housing Tides

A recent survey published in Professional Builder magazine showed homebuilders expect higher labor and material costs to be the biggest challenge they’ll face in 2018.  With the U.S. unemployment rate at its lowest level since late 2000, any labor efficiency gains that homebuilders can squeeze out of their existing workforce would be welcomed with open arms. U.S. residential construction employment … Read More

Flourishing Forecasters – Who makes the most accurate forecasts?

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If you want to get ahead as a real estate investor or housing industry professional, it’s important to follow major news sources to track latest developments in the housing sector and general economic climate.  These media often feature opinions and predictions about the future course of events, ranging from broad and vague (e.g. “It’s possible that housing starts will fall … Read More

Housing Insights From the American Community Survey

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Home affordability problems explained in part by Household Formation Trends

We’re regularly reminded of the lack of homes for sale and the shortfall of new housing construction in America, but is the shortage consistent across the country? If there are meaningful differences, how do they affect home prices? To answer these questions, we turned to the recently released results from the American Community Survey (ACS), which is administered annually by … Read More

One Housing Index to Rule Them All

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The Housing Tides Index - The housing index to find healthy market fundamentals

Various industries and disciplines find it useful to create indices to measure a group of variables in composite as a means to describe something with one simple, aggregate number.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates the Consumer Price Index each month, measuring the prices for a basket of goods to extrapolate and describe the movement and general level of prices … Read More

Harvey and Houston – Ripples with Housing Tides

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Harvey and Houston - Ripples with Housing Tides

Jonathan:  Hey Steve, I expect you’ve been following the situation in Texas this weekend?  Sounds like Harvey is causing a lot of damage, particularly in Houston.  I think this means we’ll need to revise our housing permit forecasts for the area as homebuilders will have their hands full with wet houses. Steve:  Interesting.  I’m not sure we should revise them … Read More

18 Factors You Can’t Afford to Miss

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Housing Tides Blog Eighteen Factors You Can't Afford to Miss

  We built the Housing Tides Index so that we could better understand the health of U.S. housing markets and make superior, data-driven decisions.  We needed a tool with which we could quantify and compare housing markets across time and geographies. Typically, we report the headline Housing Tides Index value each month in a press release where we discuss important … Read More

Why Your Home is a Better Savings Account than Investment

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Why Your Home is a Better Savings Account than Investment

Dr. Robert Shiller has long advocated for the idea that housing should be considered a consumption good and not an investment.  He helped develop the widely-used Case-Shiller Index measure of home prices and has suggested that over the long run real estate offers a rather poor return when considered alongside alternate investments.  In fact, real home prices rose 0.6% per … Read More