Housing Insights From the American Community Survey

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Home affordability problems explained in part by Household Formation Trends

We’re regularly reminded of the lack of homes for sale and the shortfall of new housing construction in America, but is the shortage consistent across the country? If there are meaningful differences, how do they affect home prices? To answer these questions, we turned to the recently released results from the American Community Survey (ACS), which is administered annually by … Read More

Harvey and Houston – Ripples with Housing Tides

Jonathan ScottContruction, Housing Permits, Houston

Harvey and Houston - Ripples with Housing Tides

Jonathan:  Hey Steve, I expect you’ve been following the situation in Texas this weekend?  Sounds like Harvey is causing a lot of damage, particularly in Houston.  I think this means we’ll need to revise our housing permit forecasts for the area as homebuilders will have their hands full with wet houses. Steve:  Interesting.  I’m not sure we should revise them … Read More