Housing Tides Report Components

Four Powerful Components in One Comprehensive Report

Housing Tides is a comprehensive, objective report that synthesizes all of the existing perspectives, predictions and views into one convenient source, enabling efficient, data-based decisions. Each component provides its own unique insights to the U.S homebuilding market as well as adding context to the other components. Collectively, the components are a powerful guide to better understanding the market.

The Housing Tides Report covers the top 41 building markets in the U.S. and over 90 news sources, analyzing more than 500 articles per month.

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    Housing Tides Index ™

    The Index is an objective and sophisticated approach to quantifying and comparing the health of U.S. housing markets. Learn more >>

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    Market Specific Building Permit Forecasts (Top 41 Metros)

    Monthly, high-resolution single and multi-family housing permit forecasts for the top 41 U.S. markets. Learn more >>

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    Housing Tides Forecaster Report Card™

    The forecaster report card tracks forecasters and the predictions they make about the housing market, grading for accuracy once the horizons are met. Learn more >>

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    Housing Media Analysis, Using IBM Watson's Natural Language Processing

    Using cognitive computing powered by IBM Watson®, Tides analyzes and interprets the sentiment from over 500 U.S. housing news articles/month. Learn more >>

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