Builder Equity Research – A thorough overview of publicly-traded builders

The Builder Equity Research assesses each builder’s active markets, using Housing Tides methodology and context combined with data from our Housing Tides Index™ and IBM Watson® media analysis to create unique insights into the builder’s strength. 

Making investment decisions regarding publicly-traded builders? Tides’ Builder Equity Research is your essential tool for assessing investments in light of both actual fundamentals and public perception of those investments.

For each publicly-traded builder, Housing Tides' Builder Equity Research includes:

  • An overview of active community locations, both by state and by region
  • A Housing Tides Index score - created by averaging the Index scores of metros where the builder has active communities
  • Top three market strengths
  • Top three market weaknesses
  • Average home sale price 
  • Sentiment analysis of articles that mention the builder, giving a pulse of public opinion
  • A comparison of news sentiment to stock price
  • Builder Intel commentary – a “boots on the ground” perspective

The Builder Equity Research is a supplement created to be used with the context of Tides’ National and Local reports - it cannot be purchased alone. However, it can be added to the National or Local Tides Report subscription packages.


Builder Equity Research Preview

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Want specific examples of how the Builder Equity Research and Tides Report can help guide investment decisions?

Professionals such as equity analysts or asset managers need to allocate clients’ resources in a way that maximizes returns and minimizes risk. Housing Tides Builder Equity Research can help with that.

Builder Equity Research Applications

Curious about our methodology? Have a question about our builder equity research?

Message Jonathan Scott, our head statistical analyst! You’ll hear back within one business day.