Housing Tides Fact Sheet

What is Tides?

Housing Tides (“Tides”) is the only monthly report that provides a comprehensive measure and aggregated understanding of the current health of the U.S. housing and home building industry. Collecting and analyzing the vast amount of forecasting information published about this sector, Tides is a sophisticated report that delivers updated city-specific information when market conditions change. It is the only report that uses natural language processing and machine learning to correctly understand and synthesize large volumes of data, making it more balanced, reliable and thorough than any other report of its kind.

Tides uniquely features:

  • Monthly permit forecast: A three-month forward-looking forecast of housing permits across the top 41 U.S. markets
  • Housing media roundup: A monthly aggregation of over 500 articles published about the housing market in national media with sentiment and forecast analysis
  • Forecaster report card: A collection of forecasts made or reported by major media sources, with a “grade” about their accuracy
  • Housing Tides Index: A monthly pulse of the health of the top 41 markets with trending information and comparative market analysis

Who Uses Tides?

Tides was created for people and organizations that have a stake in the current and future state of the housing market, including financial analysts, mortgage lenders, product manufacturers and distributors, home builders, economic development professionals and home insurers.

As a comprehensive, balanced source of information, Tides also offers valuable insights for media outlets that publish news and perspectives on the U.S. housing and home building industry.

Why is Tides Needed?

Tides addresses dual challenges associated with information published about the home building and housing industry.

Problem #1: Information written about this industry presents wildly divergent views about market activity. Currently available reports are incomplete, limited in scope or outdated because of the way and the frequency with which the data upon which they are based is collected. In turn, media base their views about current and future growth, supply and demand on those reports and, naturally, some writers express favorable sentiments about the market, while others express negative views and predictions. As a result, many professionals are left making inaccurate assumptions about the health of the market. They are making investment decisions based on the media’s limited understanding and portrayal of it.

Problem #2: The vast amount of information out there is too much for human beings to read and understand. No one has time to read through all of the available sources.

Solution: Tides is the only comprehensive tool that has synthesized all of the existing perspectives, predictions and views into one convenient source, enabling sound decision-making. Tides:

  • Takes the guesswork out of understanding market activity
  • Consolidates the sources in one location for easy access
  • Decreases the amount of time required to read through all of the disparate sources and reports
  • Results in more accurate representation of the health of the housing and home building industry

Key Technologies

EnergyLogic Inc. developed Tides as a solution to the company’s need for better, higher resolution data about the home construction and housing market. As a data-driven company with deep expertise and insight into housing, EnergyLogic has a history of innovating technology for its own business needs and then offering it to the larger community. EnergyLogic built the system that analyzes all residential energy ratings in the country, and the system that detects fraud in energy ratings – and now it is building the only system that provides a comprehensive measure and understanding of the health of the U.S. housing and home building industry.

Leveraging IBM Watson’s™ technologies, EnergyLogic’s Housing Tides brings a new level of sophistication to understanding data. IBM Watson offers a vast ecosystem of cognitive tools including natural language processing, sentiment analysis and other machine learning components to identify the most accurate forecasters and sources of information about the housing and homebuilding market.

How is Tides Different?

Tides is the only report produced with the help of machine learning and natural language processing technologies. Together, the technologies enable Tides to correctly understand and synthesize large volumes of data, translate language into “sentiment” or the author’s explicit meaning, and aggregate that information in a consolidated form that users can easily access and understand.

Referencing 18 market indicators that range from unemployment rates and housing permits to rental vacancy and mortgage foreclosure rates, Tides offers a more comprehensive, balanced view of the industry across the top 41 U.S. markets than any other commercially available report. As the industry’s only monthly report that offers a city-specific forecast model, Tides delivers updated information when market conditions change. And Tides is the only report based on time-tested statistical modeling methods, reasonable forecast horizons and transparency in historical accuracy – enabling meaningful comparisons across research providers and creating accountability in reporting accuracy.

Key Personnel

Steve Byers, Director, Housing Tides
Jonathan Scott, Head Analyst, Housing Tides
www.housingtides.com | 970-692-0241 | steve.byers[at]housingtides[dot]com

Media Contact

Hannah Finch
970-556-0203 | hannah.finch@housingtides.com